The Menu

Every day, the chefs and cooks at Kizuna spend much of the day in the preparation of ingredients for dishes on the menu.  For the sake of speed, there are many opportunities for short cuts in the kitchen.  Some may make sense with little effect on overall food quality.

Overall, we want to serve what we’re proud of.  So, this puts extra pressure on the kitchen to execute well, and some dishes may take longer than what you may be used to at other establishments.  Our hope is that you can take that extra time with your guests and build a more entertaining experience for everyone.

Although our food is so much better enjoyed freshly-made, modern times calls for tight schedules and more flexible meals. Therefore, our entire menu is available for takeaway and in the future for delivery. For added convenience, even wines, beers, and sakes can be sold to go.


どうぞめしあがれ   Douzo Meshiagare!!  Enjoy your meal!!

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Lunch Specials



available Mon thru Fri until 2:30 PM

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From the Sushi Bar

with choice of miso soup OR house salad OR get both for $1.50 more

Lunch Bento Box

with miso soup, rice, house salad w house ginger dressing, AND 3 pc california roll

Lunch Donburi

with choice of miso soup OR house salad OR get both for $1.50 more

Apps & Greens

Apps & Greens

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Ramen & Entrees

Ramen & Entrees

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Sushi Portfolio

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Kizuna-To-Go Wines

Ever have a wine at a restaurant and wonder where you can find and buy that wine?
We can help save your valuable time.  Enjoy any wine with your meal in the KIZUNA dining room and opt to take additional bottles unopened with you at 1/2 off the menu price.
Call (703) 442-7888 for more information.


Chilled & Hot Sake