Thank you for visiting Kizuna Sushi & Ramen.  We are temporarily closed and our new target timeframe is middle of May.  To address the reality of our business, we will reduce our menu selections to ensure a constant re-supply of our fresh ingredients, so that you will always receive clean and healthy food.  However, we will cycle in old favorites and new items onto the menu to maintain a changing variety of items to choose from, week to week.

During this short break, we will review and implement newer, stricter sanitary policies to protect our staff, your family, and you.  This requires intensified training on handwashing and frequent disinfecting and sanitizing.  Also, we’ll be assigning a dedicated customer service agent who will handle transactions immediately in our front door entryway, thereby, providing a physical separation of food preparation areas like the sushi bar and kitchen staff from takeaway customers and delivery drivers.  Also, as our agent fulfills contact-less pick-up, we have that separation to further protect everyone.

We need this time so that we can feel confident that we keep everyone as safe as possible.  Thank you for your patience!  Please sign up with your email and we will notify you, when the healthy, delicious yumminess of Kizuna is available once again.

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